For handling finished or semi-finished round stock / pipe
HPR electro-permanent magnetic modules are the ideal answer for handling rounds and tanks with limited air gap.

  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Multi-pole powered magnetic circuit insures no residual magnetism and high performance with a low flux depth
  • Maximum working load up to 10 Tons

Standard Safety features:

  • Lifting plate with electro-permanent technology, cannot drop a load due to loss of power.
  • Electro-perm technology cannot drop a load due to loss of power
  • Test lift sequence prevents unsafe loads due to air-gap, load geomety, or actual load composition from being handled
  • Lifter status lights to insure the operator always knows the lifter status
  • Radio remote keeps the operator a safe distance while operating the magnet
  • Safety switch prevents de-mag unless the load is safely on the ground
  • CSS sensor to insure controller and magnet are working properly
  • Safe button for de-mag to insure accidental de-mag cannot be achieved

Standard Operational Features:

  • Adjustable power level for de-staking plates and slabs as needed
  • Radio remote
  • No residual magnetism
  • Low flux depth
  • Test lift function insures safe load handling each and every time by insuring a minimum safety factor is guaranteed with each and every lift
  • Status lights
  • Electro perm technology saves energy
  • No moving parts to wear out
  • On board controls for easy installation


  1. Removable poles shoes
  2. Dual controls
  3. Temperature sensor
  4. Hi temp version available on request
  5. DC power supply
  6. Crane control interface
  7. MSD sensor to check magnetic saturation


Steel service centers, Mold and die shop, Fabricators, Heat treating, steel mills, Steel warehouse